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Process Variation and Quality Management Initiatives

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Define process variation. What types of variation exists in organizations today and what are some ways to identify and deal with the variation? How does General Electric deal with variation and its affect on quality management initiatives?

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Define process variation:

The spread of process output over time. There is variation in every process, and all variation is caused. The causes are of two types - special or common. A process can have both types of variation at the same time or only common cause variation.

source: http://www.quality.org/TQM-MSI/TQM-glossary.html

Different types of Process Variation:

Variation that is characterized by a stable and consistent pattern of variation over time. This type of variation will be random in nature and will be exhibited by a uniform fluctuation about a constant level.

Variation that is characterized by a pattern of variation that changes over time and hence is unpredictable. This type of variation will typically contain some structure.

This concept of controlled/uncontrolled variation is important in determining if a process is stable. A process is deemed stable if it runs in a consistent and predictable manner. This means that ...

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