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Principles of Total Quality. Describe salient points of each principle.

Q1. What are principles of Total Quality? Write salient points of each principle.

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Total Quality (TQ) is a people - focused management system that aims at continual increase in customer satisfaction at continually lower real cost. Most share some basic elements: (1) customer focus, (2) strategic planning and leadership, (3) continuous improvement and learning and (4) empowerment and teamwork.

(1) Customer focus:
The customer is the judge of quality. A business can achieve success only by understanding and fulfilling the needs of customers. From a total quality perspective, all strategic decisions a company makes are "customer-driven." In other words, the company shows constant sensitivity to emerging customer and market requirements. This requires and awareness of development in technology and ...

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In a 550 word response, the five principles of a system of Total Quality are described and explained with examples. Further, the solution suggests ideas for future competitive advantages using TQ. Reference: Total Quality by Evans