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    Morphological Assessment of the Savannah River

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    Perform a morphological assessment of the Savannah River located near Augusta, Georgia. Please provide references.

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    The Savannah River contains an abundance of freshwater wetlands and impoundments. The Savannah Valley is carved through resistant Piedmont material so the flanking bottom is narrow. Here, the river is fairly straight, exhibiting this characteristic from the northwestern corner of the county to Sand Bar Ferry (Marple et al., 1993). The bottom of the river is formed of rock, and the shoals occur from Augusta to South Carolina. The valley is cut through soft coastal plain material and the bottom and terraces are 2-6 miles wide on the Georgia side (Marple et al., 1993). The current in Georgia is more sluggish than the rest of the river and the river meanders more heavily. There is a heavy ...

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    This solution conducts a morphological assessment of the Savannah River, which is located near Augusta, Georgia, describing its composition over its range. The solution also includes references for further research.