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River Morphological Assessment

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Please do stream/river morphological assessment on the rivers in the Downtown area of Pittsburgh where it is called the "Pittsburgh Pool".

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This solution provides a morphological assessment of the river in downtown Pittsburgh. It focuses on the influences of industrialization and human activities in shaping the the river. The solution includes three reference sources for further investigation of the topic.

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The Pittsburgh/Emsworth Pool has several different types of material types at its water edge including stone block, stone block, concrete, wood, steel, fill/rubble, gabion, soil, and slag. Most of these materials have been placed at the river's edges to form retaining walls or to stabilize banks. 48% of the Pittsburgh Pool riverbank's are composed of rubble and fill, man made materials (Hefele, 2002). The Pittsburgh Pool is thus a highly urbanized river. Steel is often found in the Pittsburgh Pool from recycles steel barges no longer in service, which have sunk and been filled in with soil. Some barges along the river even pile up on one another (Meyers, 2002). These barges ...

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