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Managerial Accounting

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Please help me get started on these problems (I need to use Excel).

** See ATTACHED pdf for the questions **

Thank you.

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Solution Summary

The solution explains the following problems
1-1 Role of Managers and Management Accountants
1-2 The Business Environment
1-4 Ethics and the Manager (Richmond Inc)
2-1 The work of management and managerial and financial accounting
2-2 Classifying the manufacturing costs (PC works)
2-3 Classification of costs as period or product cost (Issac Aircams)
2-5 Schedule of cost of goods manufactured (Lompac Products)
2-24 Income Statement (Visic Corporation)
Case 2-26 Inventory computations from incomplete data (Salter Company)
3-1 Process costing and job order costing
3-11 Applying overhead, Journal entries, disposition (Latta Company)
3-22 Comprehensive Problem (The Gold Nest Company)
3-27 Schedule of cost of goods manufactured, overhead analysis (Gitano Products)
Case 3-34 Critical Thinking Interpretation of manufacturing overhead rates (Kelvin Aerospace)
4-7 Equivalent units weighted average method (Hielta Oy)
4-11 Cost assignment, cost reconciliation weighted average method (Superior Micro Products)
4-14 Comprehensive problem weighted average method (Builder Products)
5-4 Contribution format income statement (the Alpine House Inc)
5-12 Cost behavior high low method contribution format income statement (Morrisey & Brown)
5-16 high low method cost of goods manufactured (Amfac Company)
6-4 Computing and using the CM ratio (Holiday Creations)
6-5 Changes in variable cost, fixed cost, selling price and volume (Hermann Corporation)
6-19 Basics of CVP analysis (feather friends inc)
6-20 Sales mix, multiproduct break-even analysis (Gold Star Rice, Ltd)
Case 6-32 Break evens for individual products in a multiproduct company (Piedmont Fasteners)

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