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    Leadership in a Healthcare Organization of Psychology

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    A Managerial Model for Health Care: Leadership Styles

    Describe the leadership style that is most effective in the health care organization of Psychology today. Be sure to defend your stated position with evidence and key facts from available resources. Please use citations/references.

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    One approach to help you with an essay assignment is to address the question from various sources, which you can then consider for your final copy. This is the approach this response takes.


    Today, the leadership style being sought by future-oriented health care organizations has shifted dramatically due to technological advances and a more diverse workforce. He leaser must be equipped with a brooder set of leadership skills. In the last decade, for example, health care organizations have focused on restructuring and re-engineering their organizations for greater efficiency. The focus was on findings ways to cope with cutbacks in federal funding while attempting to minimize their effects on healthcare quality (http://www.cejkasearch.com/pdf/21st%20Century%20Hospital%20Executive.pdf). Therefore, as the leadership paradigm changes, although the financial acumen and operational expertise continue to be very important, a much wider range of complex skills in leadership, communications and management of rapid technological changes are increasingly essential for managers. The leader must be visionary and be situational using multiple approaches to managing and leading.

    Now, let's look at some information to consider to support this. Do you agree?

    According to Harding (n.d.), for example, the emerging, critical leadership skills that managers will need to include are:

    ? High-level technological decision-process leadership skills. Tomorrow's top healthcare executives will have to manage technological assessment and decision-making at a very rapid pace in order to keep their organizations current and competitive. Today's technology menu for both clinical applications and management is vast. Tomorrow's technology options will ...

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    In reference to a health care organization of Psychology, this solution looks at the most effective leadership style to employ.