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    Global Communications: Benchmarking

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    I have to identify and research two companies that have faced specific issues associated with (A) organizational communication, (B) emotional intelligence and (C) organizational commitment. With each three of these I then have to conduct a communication and commitment research and benchmarking study to identify potential solutions for Global Communications. So any examples on this would be great so I can get an idea of how I should start this. Thanks :)

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    //Before writing about the specific issues of the two different Companies, first, we will select the Companies. After selecting them, we will discuss the issues for each Company. Any of the other Companies can be selected.\


    In this paper, I have identified two companies; AT&T and Bell South. I intent to show how did they developed their organizational commitment, emotional intelligence and organizational communication to solve their issues. It tells about how Global communications can use these examples to solve their issues and build up effective communication and emotional intelligence in their organization.

    //After selecting the Company, I will talk about the first company that is AT&T. then, write about the various issues in the Organization and how the management can can solve them. I am just providing a brief introduction about the issues and resolving techniques, so that it could be clearly understood.\

    AT&T Inc.

    In order to solve the organizational communication issues, the company has developed some effective communication strategies and plans. Effective communication would help to flow the information at the right time in the right way, which would help the company to utilize the information in a minimum time period and that too in a minimum cost; this way the company could decrease the expenses and increase the profits. With the help of good communication, the company could implement the rules, regulations and policies in a proper manner. It could improve its decision-making and knowledge management to progress and make its place in the communication industry.

    AT&T has explored its business and gain networks in 66 markets with the help of an $11.3 billion ...

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