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Organizational Communication Scenario

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Read the scenario and answer

Who was more effective—Colleen or Ricardo? What did the more effective communicator do that made him or her effective? What values directed Ricardo's response in this situation? What values directed Colleen's response in this situation? What particular aspects of their communication could have been improved upon and how?

Colleen, an account manager for a "big three" accounting firm, loved her job.
However, the frequent travel was beginning to wear her down. She had a fiveyear-old daughter, Lillith, and a husband who often traveled for work as well.
The task of balancing their schedules and childcare for her daughter was
overwhelming her at times. However, this week she thought she had everything
under control. She had just returned from an important trip and was planning to
take a few days off. She had promised Lillith that they would spend time together
and that she would attend her pre-school "graduation." They were both looking
forward to it.
As Colleen prepared to leave for her vacation, her boss, Ricardo, stopped by her
office to tell her that she would have to cancel her vacation to cover for a sick
colleague. She would need to leave the next afternoon for a trip out of state.
Colleen considered Ricardo a friend as well as her manager, so she was sure he
would understand when she explained why she could not leave the next day.
Surely he would understand that she had no one to care for Lillith - but he didn't!
Ricardo explained that he needed her. Her colleagues routinely covered for each
other, including her, when it was needed. Besides, no one else was available this
time. It was in times like these that people showed their commitment to the
company. Colleen tried to persuade him to see her point of view. However,
Ricardo simply reminded her that the partners were meeting in a few weeks to
allocate bonuses and decide upon promotions.
Colleen assured him that she was a committed employee - but she was also a
committed parent. Couldn't she be both? Why did she have to choose between
the two? Ricardo said he really did understand, but sometimes people have to
make hard choices. He was sure Colleen would make the right one. The only
problem for Colleen was that she didn't know what the right choice was

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In this paper the situation of Colleen will be discussed. Colleen is an accounts manager in "Big Three" accounting firm. She is very loyal to her work and organization and enjoying his job. But, she is not able to give time to her five year old little daughter. This time, she planned and committed her daughter to attend her pre school graduation program. When she was about to leave, her boss Ricardo told to cancel her vacation for some urgent work in office due to the absence of office colleague. Now, she was confused that what to do in that situation.

Organizational Communication

In the given scenario, both are right at their own place, but Colleen position was more effective and heart touching because as it is the situation ...

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Organizational communication scenarios are examined. The particular aspects of their Communication is determined.

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