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The Bargaining Environment

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For this assignment, consider the prospects for unionization in an industry of your choice. The industry you choose can be your current one, one in which you would like to work, or one in which you have previously worked.

In an essay, describe your chosen industry's receptivity to unionization. What are the factors that lead you to your determinations? Perform a labor market analysis to support your conclusions. In your analysis, be sure to include any data you can find on the labor and capital trade-off for your industry. Also include:

What regulations exist in this industry and how do they impact your workforce?
An analysis of market conditions and the degree of competition your industry faces.
How would unionization impact market competitiveness?
How would the consumer's interest impact your decision? Reference the data you have researched to support your conclusions.

Examine the bargaining structures described in your text. Briefly describe the pros and cons of each structure. Choose one bargaining structure and find a real-life example of how that structure is used. What would happen if a different bargaining structure were in place in the situation you identified?

Write a short essay that describes the application and analyzes the effectiveness of the bargaining structure in the situation you have identified.

Describe one factor that helps your side win at the bargaining table. The only rule for this exercise is that you neither repeat nor simply agree with what someone else has already said. Either add something new to the discussion or take an idea already written and develop it further into a new idea.

By the end of the discussion, you will have developed the ideal environments for management and for the union. Keep in mind, these environments will be different and separate.

Include two references in support of your analysis.

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The prospects for unionization in an industry are given. A chosen industry's respectively for the Bargaining Environment are given.

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United States Retail Industry

The retail industry in the United States has changed dramatically. The conventional supermarkets have lost a great part of their market share to retailers like Wal-Mart, Sam's club, Costco, etc. The industry is faced with challenges of maintaining market share and at the same time differentiating themselves from other type of retailers. Competition has increased the level as customers have also increased level of awareness. They want convenience along with superior experience of shopping. This in turn implies that the staff of the retail chains have to managed properly as they are the face of the store. As labor cost is the single greatest controllable expense, retail chains, to improve profit margin seek ways of reducing labor costs. However if labor cost reduction is not managed in a proper way, customer services and store conditions may suffer.

The retail industry is highly labor intensive where almost seventy percent of the value created by the industry accrue to workers. Given the intense number of labor involved regulations and unionization can have a big risk on the productivity. The retail industry has heightened regulations which include local, state and federal regulations. These regulations have a detrimental effect on businesses and on consumer spending. Retailers also express their concern over environmental and accounting regulations. Amidst regulations, retailers cite risks related to labor as major threat to their business. There are two critical factors which seem to be contributing to this sentiment. The Affordable Labor Act which would be in full force in 2014 would increase ...

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