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Line Process vs. Batch Process - Effect on Functions

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Suppose that a firm is considering moving from a batch process to a line process to better meet evolving market needs. What concerns might the following functions have about this proposed change?

- Marketing
- Finance
- Human Resources
- Accounting
- Information Systems

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Batch process: Such a structure is generally employed when a business has a relatively stable line of products, each of which is produced in periodic batches, either to customer order or for inventory. Examples: Electronic devices, heavy equipments

Line process: Production of discrete parts moving from workstation to workstation at a controlled rate following the sequence needed to build the product. Example: automobile

Concerns for functions:

- In line process as the focus is on products, marketing function needs to reorient its structure according to product lines.
- Need for ...

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The solution is 374 words in length, in which it provides basic definitions for when batch process and line process are used in a business, and gives 4-6 points under each heading in the question (marketing, finance, etc.) about what the functions may have concerns with regarding the proposed change from batch to line process.