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Explanation of batch data vs real time processing

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Please help me with an assignment on processing in the food and hospitality industry by answering the given problem:

Compare and contrast the advantages/disadvantages of batch data processing and real-time processing.

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This solution provides an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of batch data processing and real time processing. Additionally, this solution includes one reference source for further investigation of the topic.

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Advantages of batch data processing:

1.) Manages large volumes of work: Batch processing can process a large amount of files one after the other. This is an advantageous method when the system is properly organized and prepared to run batch operations, and that the information involved in the process is up to date.
2.) Hands off Work: Batch processing is advantageous because it allows volumes of work to process without direct hands-on monitoring. This allows individuals involved to focus on other tasks.
3.) For large systems the hardware required to implement a batch processing ...

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