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    Predict the data required to measure a process

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    Suppose that a firm is considering moving from a batch process to a line process to better meet evolving market needs.

    What concerns might the following functions have about this proposed change?
    Human Resources
    Information Systems
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    Analyze work as a process. Predict the data required to measure a process. Explain the opportunities provide

    When analyzing the work process for an organization, it's important to account for several variables that must be evaluated throughout the analysis, which include understanding how the work process flows, assessing the organizational functions on a step-by-step basis wherein all functions are analyzed, and ensuring that the highest priority operational functions are at the top of the work process analysis. To accomplish these objectives, the organization can use a flowchart for the analysis of the work flow process wherein the organization can obtain a picture of the organizational functions by placing them in sequential order as well as deducing between inputs and outputs for the organization. This provides more clarity for the organization regarding those who should be in positions to make the highest decisions, those who should be carrying out specific functions, and provides an understanding of whether the organizational functions are occurring within the deadlines established by the organization. ...

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    An analyze work as a process is determined. Predict the data required to measure a process. Explain the opportunities provide