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Example of regression analysis

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This is the exact same question as I previously submitted; I believe I did not submit correct data for the question. (Random Sample of probationers data) I also attached previous work in case you need data. Thank you

5. You hypothesize that in a random sample of probationers, there is a relationship between a probationer's Grasmick Self Control Scale Score (SELF_CON)and the Highest Grade (EDUC) he completed. Remember that the low scores on the Grasmick Scale are associated with low self control.
a. You do not have to test the hypothesis, but you need to calculate a and b and write out the regression equation
b. Calculate the SSE
c. Calculate the PRE measure r2, interpret
d. What Education level (Highest Grade Completed) would you predict for a person with a Grasmick Score of 40?

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a. You do not have to test the hypothesis, but you need to calculate a and b and write out the regression equation
From excel output, a(intercept)=13.046 and ...

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The solution gives detailed steps on performing a simple regression analysis. All formula and calculations are shown and explained.

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