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    Indicators for Using Regression Analysis Compared to ANOVA

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    What are the indicators for using a regression analysis? Create a research scenario in which it would be correct to use a regression analysis, including the research question, and dependent and independent variables.

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    ANOVA compares the difference in means between multiple groups.
    Dependent variable: Must be interval or ratio
    Independent variable: Categorical (this is what gives us groups to compare)

    Example: Does BMI score differ between youth from low-, middle-, and high-income households?
    Dependent variable: BMI score
    Independent variable: Level of household income

    Regression, on the other hand, does not compare groups and is not trying to determine if group A is different from group B. Instead, regression looks at the participants all together as one group, examining how the their characteristics predict the dependent variable. For example, if a participant is female and older, they are more likely to have a higher BMI than a younger male. In this case, the regression analysis is looking at ...

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    This answer describes the differences between regression and ANOVA, with examples, and discusses the basic features of regression.