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    Walmart's Use of Human Resource Management Related Technology

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    What actions can you take to influence decision makers in Walmart to adopt, implement, and advance the use of HRM related technologies? Who would you contact, and in what order?

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    Action to Influence Decision Makers

    To influence the decision makers in Walmart, effective and potential actions can be taken that can ensure the adoption and implementation of the use of HRM related technologies. First, strategic consideration can be implemented in which whole strategy would be prepared related to the use and implementation of the HRM technologies (Rennie & McGee, 2012). It is because systemized presentations of the pros and importance of such technologies will help to attract the attention of the decision makers regarding the use of these technologies. In this, needed information will be gathered in relation to the use and benefits of the technologies that may offer wide range of benefits to Wal-Mart, in terms of offering its products ...

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    The actions you can take in influence decision makers in Walmart to adopt, implement and advance the use of HRM related technologies.