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operational effectiveness

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As an international management consultant on operational effectiveness, what approach to evaluating operational optimization would be recommend to a company's leadership? Explain the rationale and expected outcomes.

How is the explosion of information technology and the way in which its advances in global communications affect strategic operational management functions? Provide thoughts on executive decision support systems. Are they effective in evaluating operational optimization initiatives? Why or why not?

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As an international consultant, on operational effectiveness, the approach to evaluating operational optimization would be to recommend that objectives of the corporation and operational objectives should be aligned. Organizations use high level strategic metrics for optimization. They use drill down analytics and alerts when results deviate from targets. Organizations using operations process optimization actively manage changing business conditions. The approach that I would recommend would be to optimize those parameters that enable the company to implement its strategy. For example, if the firm is following a differentiation strategy, there should be very high standard of quality control even if it means a larger number of rejects. On the other hand if the strategy of the company is cost leadership the goals for optimization ...

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Methods on how to improve business efficiency are discussed step-by-step in this solution. The response also has the sources used.

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