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    Business Law for Consultants

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    Q1. What are some of the potential tort risks that you might face as a consultant? How are they similar to and different from each other? Are there any differences in what a consultant faces as opposed to a business manager? What are some ways you can protect yourself, as a consultant, from tort risks?

    Q2. When should you seek legal counsel for potential tort issues? Are there any warning signs that you should be aware of when a potential tort issue arises?

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    1. When an organization engages a consultant to provide certain services, tort risks are seldom discussed. These consultants are critical for functions they perform and hence are subject to significant tort exposure arising out of intentional or unintentional harm to the person or property of the company which whom the consultant is engaged. There could be negligent failure to perform duties as per defined structure resulting in consumer injuries. Torts for consultant are mostly similar and of negligent nature as in most cases there are no written procedures for consultant's exposure to torts.
    A business manager can limit exposure to torts by clearly establishing ...

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    The potential tort risk that you might face as a consultant is determined. The legal counsel for potentials tort issues are discussed.