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Resume of Accountant Preparation

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Hi, I want Help for this Project.
You was worked accountant in a company , and you looking to take this position ( CFO ) of a leading company in accounting. Write your Resume and Explaining in the following points: Please Write in 2 pages.

R&S Educational Consultants Inc. Atlanta, USA
Job title: Accountant
From : December 2012 - Present.
1- Your Tasks and Responsibilities.
2- your Achievements during this period.
3- Work Experiences: in Journal Entrines, General Ledger, A/R & A/P, P&L, , ect
4- Skills ( word,Excel,Quickbooks programs ) BooKKeeping.

Felopateer Palace Jewelry , Watches & Fashions co. Cairo. EGY
From : October 2010 - December 2012
Job title: Account Manager and Branches Manager
They have 12 branchs in Egypt and 1 branch in Dubai
1- Tasks and Responsibilities.
2- Achievements during this period. Make One or two Example for each one of ( increase income company,increase sales, reduce expenses , ect
3- Work Experiences: in A/R & A/P, P&L , Balance Sheet , ect
4-Skills ( word,Excel,Quickbooks programs ). Leadership, Communication.

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Step 1
From October 2010 to December 2012
Job Title: Account Manager and Branch Manager, Felopateer Palace Jewelry, 1 Ibrahim Basha St El Korba , Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt, 11757. The company has 12 branches in Egypt and 1 branch in Dubai.
1. Tasks and Responsibilities: I had the responsibility of handling daily operations and the management of the jewelry and fashion store. I had to oversee customer service, prevent theft and handle staffing needs of the store. I had to plan and prepare work schedules for the jewelry and fashion store personnel, assign employees to specific duty requirements, direct employees with merchandise, and carry out performance review. I was also responsible for inventory, collecting cash and sales receipts, and maintaining operating records. I also ordered merchandise and stock and set up the store security level. I was also responsible for record keeping, verified invoices and accounting documents, maintained accounting journals, legers, and other records. I also entered data when required and prepared the reports required. I investigated questionable data relating to the store.
2. Achievements: During my tenure at Felopateer Palace Jewelry, every year I was working for the company, ...

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