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    Flexibility in Seeking Solutions

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    Explain how to stop invidious comparison.

    Identify strategies you currently use to avoid vicarious traumatization in your personal life.

    Will those strategies help you avoid vicarious traumatization as a human services worker?

    What strategies could you develop to avoid vicarious traumatization?

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    As someone who has worked in the field child welfare as social worker for the past 20 years, I have used several different strategies to avoid vicarious traumatization. The first and what I would consider most important strategy that is an ongoing is to make sure I have dealt with my own trauma or victimization that I may have endured personally through therapy. For example I was raised in a domestic violence home and I needed to make sure I addressed my childhood issues involving that so it did not hinder my work with my clients. Another strategy I have used is to make sure I have clear boundaries with my clients in regards to my professional role with them. As much as a person's trauma makes us want to go the extra mile for the client, we need to make sure that it does not cloud our judgment with them. ...

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    The flexibility in seeking solutions are provided. The strategies to develop to avoid vicarious traumatization are given.