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Learning Technology and Recommendation Strategies

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I need help composing a two page proposal pertaining to the education that I might recommend to a business solutions organization. What university would you use? Explain. In addition to educational programs, what technologies might you propose to the company to improve overhead and allow employees the opportunity to work from home? Why is this important?

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Consider the type of education initiatives for business solutions organization based on what is needed to improve operations in certain areas of focus, such as, financial reporting or global placement strategy resulting in success. Try to think of top learning technologies entities, such as, LearningTechnologiesab.com - as a source idea to the types of the framework of creating innovated programs leading to business solutions for a client. In addition, the top MBA universities that will have "proficient business solutions" for organizations to rendering a lasting impression by creating a specialized educational program for corporations seeking more targeted goals, in relations to internal productivity improvement. ...

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This solution provides a review into learning technology approaches and strategies for recommendation to a business client.

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