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Crisis Intervention

After experiencing a crisis with a client, please explore your actions within the intervention. Consider these questions:

What is the difference between suicidal/homicidal ideas and a "real threat"?
Once you realized that your client/consumer was in danger what were your primary concerns? What were secondary?
At what point did you feel like you had to do something more?

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The difference between suicidal ideas and a real threat is that an idea is when someone has a thought about killing themselves, but has no plan, hasn't thought about a plan, but has the thoughts. A real threat is when someone not only thinks about it, but comes up with a plan on how they would do it and the thought is a continuous thought nearly everyday. Once you realize a client is in danger, you need to ...

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Actions and interventions mental health professional should and can take when dealing with possible suicidal and/or depressed clients.