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Crisis Intervention ; PTSD

Crisis intervention is demonstrated through these questions:

1. List and describe (in your own words) the steps in the Six-Step Model of crisis intervention.

2. Explain the differences between the principles of long-term therapy and crisis intervention.

3. Indicate the phases of recovery for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and briefly explain each phase.

4. You have been called out to a scene in which a 35-year-old woman is experiencing a crisis. Her husband just committed suicide and she is distraught about her circumstances. What information would you want to know before intervening? After finding out the necessary information, how would you handle this case?

5. Based on the scenario described in Question 4, provide one example each of the various active listening skills in response to the following statement from the woman in crisis: I'm ruined, my life is over...This is hopeless, I can't go on. Killing myself is the only answer.

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