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Assessment of Impact of Trauma, Counseling, Personal Counseling

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Understanding the extent of the impact of a trauma-causing event on a survivor is critical. The use of assessment measures can greatly inform the counseling process as it provides rich information related to the level of emotional response a survivor may be experiencing. As a counselor, you can use the knowledge obtained from these assessments to inform your selection of counseling intervention strategies and approaches.Selecting the appropriate assessment and assessment method for a client is an important first step in the assessment process, and there are many resources from which to choose.

- Briefly describe the method or particular instrument you would use to assess the client presented in the case study and explain why you chose that method or instrument.
- Explain how you would integrate the use of this assessment into your personal counseling style.
- Briefly conceptualize this client's case based on the crisis assessment.

Case Study "Jessie"
Jessie is an 11-year-old male. Six months ago, a tornado came through the town where he lives with his parents and two siblings. The tornado destroyed every house on the street, except his. The elderly lady who lived next door to him died in the tornado. The house down the street belonging to his best friend was demolished. His best friend's family moved into temporary housing while their house was being rebuilt. Jessie was asleep when the tornado came through but was awakened by his panic-stricken mother who was screaming for all the children to run to the bathroom. Jessie is now overly protective of his siblings and has great difficulty falling asleep at night.

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I will assess the client for a range of symptoms, risk behaviors, and functional impairments. I will use interviews and behavioral observations to make my assessment. Also, I will gather information from the family, caregivers, and the child. The method that I will use to assess the client in the case study is examining the case for intensity of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I will use this method because the circumstances described in the case namely the experience of the tornado, the destruction of houses, the death of the elderly lady, separation from his best friend, and the panic of his mother are situations that can lead to Post-Traumatic Stress ...

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