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    Change Model for PTSD in Military Veterans

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    Choose a change model such as Roger 's Diffusion of Innovation theory to be the framework for EBP. My project is providing non-pharmacological interventions to combat veterans who suffer from PTSD. Population is both male and female combat veterans who served in Vietnam and Iraqi wars. Comparing non drug interventions with drug interventions. Need to apply one of models and carry through each stages. Create a conceptual model

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    Roger's Diffusion of Innovation model is predicated upon a framework consisting of implementing new ideas toward existing health care problems. It's been successfully used for many health related phenomenon, and I would first establish the type of population characteristics the veterans possess. Because PTSD affects veterans of foreign wars more in comparison to the regular population, the combat veterans suffering from PTSD would need to possess an innovative persona enabling the veterans to want to be the first to try the new innovation. Under the Diffusion of Innovation theory, the subjects must be willing to take risks, and veterans are the most ...

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    This solution of 450 words uses Roger's Diffusion of Innovation Model and explains its application in providing non-pharmacological interventions to combat veterans who suffer from PTSD. It discusses the different stages of the models and provides a brief conceptual model.