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    Crisis Interventions

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    Please briefly describe the selected population (African American), then develop a crisis intervention strategy for an individual from that selected population, explain why you chose that particular strategy and how you might apply it to a crisis situation with the individual (please provide specific examples).

    Then describe any ethical and legal considerations you might face in implementing the crisis intervention and how you would address them.

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    (1) Develop a crisis intervention strategy for an individual from that selected population

    Research has focused on the ethnic group of African Americans focused on several variables such as socio-historical, education, and cultural differences. Thus, several factors reflecting their world view and unique to African Americans are often overlooked in traditional interventions. On this basis, as the research suggests, African Americans have historically underutilized formal health care services as a result of a multitude of factors, such as: (a) lack of insurance, (b) inaccessibility to primary and preventive services, and (c) perceptions of discrimination (Cornelius, Simpson, Gaynell, Ting, Wiggins, Lipford et al, 2003). As a result of a history of discrimination and differential treatment, African Americans experience high rates of depression, less likely than Caucasians to obtain ambulatory or inpatient mental health services (Freiman, Cunningham, & Cornelius, 1994 as cited in Cornelius et al., 2003). Further, as Corneluis et al point out, African Americans are members of an indigent population, and require multiple services ranging from basic needs to comprehensive health care requirements in which traditional outpatient clinics may not be able to meet.

    Cornelius et al (2003) propose a community-based organization crisis intervention modeled after the Baltimore Crisis Response (BRCA) that has the capacity to reach ...

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    This solution discusses a crisis intervention strategy for an African American client.