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Crisis Situations

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Have you either encountered a crisis situation or have observed a counselor or other mental health professional responding to one.

Can you briefly describe this situation by answering the following:

What type of crisis was it?
What skills and resources did you or the other professional use to assess the crisis situation?
What interventions seemed to be the most effective for responding to your client?
What fears or concerns did you have during the situation?
What surprised you about this crisis situation and how it was addressed, versus what you have learned about crisis situations in texts and journal articles?
What did you learn from the situation? Consider both what you did well as well as those aspects you would handle differently in the future.

Cite and reference your sources using standard APA guidelines.

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Can you briefly describe this situation by answering the following?

(1) What type of crisis was it?

The removal of a child from a family member by Child Protective Services. Prevention (CPS). This was a very sad case as the mother was a victim of abuse (both physical and sexual). Ms. X had lived in a very stressful environment herself, which appeared to contribute to emotional instability. In response to her situation Ms. X had become addicted to pain killers, and had begun spiraling out of control. Apparently her daughter's constant absences at school raised the suspicion of school officials. Visits to Ms. X's home found the child not ill as had been claimed; instead Ms. X was incoherent and unable to explain why the child was missing so many days from school. From there, a report must have been made to CPS. CPS has emerged as primary child and family social service agency to report abuses (Kammermah, & Kahn, 1993).

(2) What skills and resources did you or the other professional use to assess the crisis situation?

Davis (2006) holds that there is increasing accountability in public education to make sure that children are protected as well as academically prepared. School counselors are in a position to take a lead role toward that effort. It was the school counselor who made the report to CPS. After the incident, Ms. X was convinced to enter into a drug rehab program to begin to clean up her life, and regain custody of her daughter. The school counselor's intervention and access to counseling services was a valuable ...

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This solution discusses a hypothetical crisis case involving Child Protective Services.

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