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Differing Types of Political Crimes

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Identify and define three different types of political crimes. Provide specific examples for each of the selected three types of political crimes. Evaluate the impact that each of these political crimes have on a society. Need Three sources please

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One type of political crime is voter fraud or tampering, which involves the deliberate misrepresentation of the number of votes for a particular candidate etc. This may also include deliberately discarding or throwing away the ballots of a given group of voters. An example of this would be the alleged voter machine tampering in Florida in the 2004 US presidential election. This political crime negatively impacts a society, due to the fact that it creates a situation where the candidate that is not desired by the majority of voters will win an ...

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This solution describes differing types of political crimes.

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I have to do presentation on the police crime statistics (Uniform Crime Report).

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4) Limitations
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HOwever, I am strucked at the uses of the statistics-what should be included. Plus, I am getting confused between the two sections: limitations and points of controversy.

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