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The Differing Characteristics of Individuals That Commit Government and Business-Related Crimes

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While different in nature, government and business related crimes both have impacts on society. Define a government related crime and a business related crime. Evaluate the impacts that both types of crime have on a society. Compare and contrast the characteristics of individuals that commit government related crimes with individuals that commit business related crimes.

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A government related crime is a crime that involves the violation of the rules, administrative law, and regulations of government processes and procedures by a government official(s) or public servant. This type of crimes affects the public at large, due to the fact that government officials and government operations are financed by taxpayers, and government officials and/or staff members, are charged with serving the public in accordance with administrative and legal statutes. Government related crime can have a tremendous ...

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This solution describes the differing characteristics of individuals that commit government and business-related crimes.

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