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    Social processing based on criminology?

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    Please help getting an idea started.

    Search the internet for a topic related to Social Process theories based on an intro to criminology and prepare ideas for a report, excluding references. Use at least two sources that are not more than 10 years old. (Please, no collaborative sites!) Only the references need to be in APA. format.

    Sites not allowed: wikipedia.com, about.com, wisegeek.com, infoplease.com

    Attached a PowerPoint on resource websites to use.

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    The solution below should get you started. I suggest therefore doing something like this:

    1. Social Learning theories - define what they are - 150 words (with examples)
    2. Application of said theories in practice (use research from the National Institute of Corrections) - 150 words

    This outline is simple and should cover what you need. You have to talk about how the theory is applied in NIC research. You can use the listed resources to further explore the topic. If you need help with APA formatting you can also visit the site indicated in the resources.

    Social Process Theories: Application in NIC Research

    Social process theories, according to Reid (2011), "attempt to explain how individuals become criminals." She writes that (Reid, 2011), "Social-process theories developed as sociologists began to analyze the fact that not all people exposed to the same socio-cultural condition respond in the same way." The theories of social-process allow criminologists and sociologists to understand how people turn out to be law abiding and to be criminals by looking at how behavior is learned or acquired given certain conditions with certain factors present. Some examples of these include labeling theory (when people are 'called' or 'defined' by peers and society so that said ...

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