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    Studying Criminology Online

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    What might be some advantages and disadvantages of taking an online course in criminology?

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    Online Criminology Studies

    Criminology is the science/study of control, nature, extent, structure, dynamics & causes of criminal among individuals and in the bigger society. While this field of study is of great interest as foundation studies for professionals in law enforcement and justice, criminology is a sub-field in the study of behavioural sciences which is a combination of sociological, anthropological and psychological sciences/research. Criminology adds a new dimension to the sub-field however which makes it unique from other behavioural sciences - it includes legal and political components as an area of study for the purpose of understanding the legalities of social control. Hence, police officers, justice professionals and law enforcement professionals are expected to have studied criminology to provide an apt background in handling and understanding the workings of criminality and criminal behavior to aid and guide their work and duties in relation to keeping social order. Now, online studies have come a long way since the inception of distance learning via radio & mail in the 80's. With the rise and innovation on information technology and the convergence of audio, data & video on the web, online learning has also gone digital, creating virtual classrooms, online discussion boards and tutorials that involve students and their teachers/professors in real time wherein real-life classrooms can be simulated via an online experience. Not all educators and institutions though have fully integrated online learning facilities with their current teaching style and tuition system because, still, many traditional institutions view online learning with some trepidation and doubt, wondering if the new paradigm that is the virtual world can actually encourage and allow learning due to lack of controls and lack of the social interaction present in classroom settings. While some online systems 10 years back have been proven to be wanting, the earlier mentioned convergence of technology has allowed ...

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