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    Relationships of Marriage and Family Examined

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    Support each of your answers with factual evidence from scholarly sources. Use proper APA formatting including proper referencing and citations. (Answer each question in a minimum of 200 words)

    1. Explain the functions and patterns of dating.

    2. Describe the process of falling in love.

    3. Distinguish between what it means to love and to like someone.

    4. Define the different styles of loving and their implications for relationships.

    5. Discuss the causes and consequences of jealousy.

    6. Describe the qualities that people look for in a life partner.

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    1. Explain the functions and patterns of dating.

    Studies show that individuals who are interested in dating relationships now choose from a variety of options including: (a) cohabitation, (b) online or Internet relationships, (c) dating without cohabitation and (d) (c) friendly hooking up. Cohabitation is stated to have an impact on both dating and marriage. On this basis individual options for romantic relations have become more complicated (Sierra, Boettcher, Burke, Cortle, & Christie, 2007). As noted by Sierra et al., demographic changes in dating and mate selection have also provided individuals with more choices regarding their relationships.
    For instance, the changes include an increase in relationships without cohabitation, and a decline in marriage for some, and for others a delayed entry into marriage. Sierra et al (2007) assert that these changes make it more complicated for researches to track dating patterns. However, it is noted that online dating and websites have become increasingly popular. According to Sierra set al., one expert on changing relationships and dating patterns suggests that out of the 80 million people in the United States, people are staying single and marrying later. Over half of them have contacts on online dating sites.

    One constant visitor to an online dating site complain that browsing online personals can feel voyeuristic. Moreover, she found friends and fellowship, but no partner (Catholic dating). One of the reasons given for women' reluctance to date online is stigma associated with sexual behavior for women. For example, according to Sierra et al (2007), women's sexual behavior was scrutinized, and they were to maintain good conduct in sexual matters during sexual interaction on dates. For example, in the advice book, "The Art of Dating" young women were warned that men were only interested in the sexual aspect of the relationship. Therefore, they were cautioned not to go all the way if they wanted a long-term relationship.

    Further, they suggest that the double standard prevailing during the dating era between men and women still holds as a part of the hookup scene. The understanding of hooking up with someoneas on college campuses is that suggests that a woman needs to hook up in order to find someone with which she can have a potential relationship, yet her very participation in hooking up can mean that she is not serious (p. 180). On the other hand, Bogle (2008), online dating, ...

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    This solution discusses the origin and development of love and dating styles. The process of falling in love is determined.