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Configurations: Polyamorous, Swinging, Open Marriages

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- Briefly explain the following alternative lifestyles: swinging, open marriage, and group marriage.
- How could counsellors ethically approach an individual in an open relationship or someone who was in one of the three alternative lifestyles: swinging, open marriage, or group marriage?

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This solution explains open marriages and relationships; it describes how counselors address these alternative lifestyles.

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*Can you briefly explain the following alternative lifestyles: swinging, open marriage, and group marriage?

Rubin (2001) asserts that the term alternative lifestyles include a variety of non-traditional family form and personal living arrangements including: (a) singlehood, (b) non-marital heterosexual co habitation, (c) single parent families, (d) step families, (e) dual career/work families, (f) gay and lesbian relationships, (h) open marriages, (i) multiple relationships and (j) communes (p. 711). As Rubin explains, alternative lifestyles are linked to several significant events including the 1971 Groves Conference on Marriage that furthered the discussion on factors such as the future of marriage and parenthood; discussions on male and female homosexuality, co-habitation, mate swapping, group marriage and communal living (p.712). The configuration of all three ...

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