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Social Movements and Trends

Social Movements and Trends
Choose one of the following topics:

- Native Americans
- Women
- Environment
- Latin Americans
- Sexual liberation

Read at least 3 different newspaper articles between 1968 and 1980 that cover important changes affecting your topic. Use the ProQuest Historical Newspaper archive, which includes the following major newspapers, among others:

- New York Times
- Washington Post
- Wall Street Journal
- Los Angeles Times
- Christian Science Monitor

Write a 700- to 1,050-word response in which you describe the status of one of the chosen group or idea and how that group or idea was affected by the changes brought about during the 1960s. Include information gleaned from the newspaper articles as well as other material.

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Beginning in the early 60s around the time when many other changes were occurring in American society, one of the most taboo and unspoken aspects of American life began to emerge with a force that would forever change how Americans viewed this activity. Puritans left Europe to come to America because of many of the sexual exploits that were common during the 17th century wherein prostitution and other sexually explicit behavior was commonplace in 17th century Europe. Therefore, many Puritans left because of these and other transgressions against their religious morals as well as being ostracized for their religious beliefs. The reason that this is important for the summary that is being given is because America was ingrained with these views on sex for the majority of its existence. Obviously people had sex or the population would not have survived, but the view was that sex was a private matter not discussed or overtly displayed in public.

The sexual revolution of the 1960s effectively shattered this notion of sex as the sex, drugs, and rock n roll baby boomers used sex as a definitive break from the past and their parents' morals. Communes for married ...

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