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Marriages: Choices & Freedoms

Compare: Freedom to choose who and what sex to marry vs arranged marriages.

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Cultural and diversity in Psychology
Different cultures choose different ways of entering into a form of a love relationship such as marriages. Some cultures prefer having arranged marriages while some other cultures prefer having a love marriage which involves choosing the right marriage partner for oneself. People in India in follow the example of having an arranged marriage system which they consider as something great (Arranged marriages in India n.d). Depending on time place and culture of the people involved, marriage will always be perceived differently as stated by Crabtree (2004).
The Indians pay to much attention to family relationships whereby the Indian Children always offer respect to their parents as the parents have an obligation of taking care of their children. Parents are always involved in the act of finding suitable spouses for their children from appropriate families as this ensures that the children don't marry outside their religion as required by their culture.

There are several ...

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The topic of cultural diversity from a psychological viewpoint is exemplified in a discussion of the freedom to choose whom to marry vs. arranged marriages. Same-sex marriages is also included in the discussion.