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Emerging Adulthood

This posting examines these questions:

1). How do you recognize emerging adulthood? What is it? Why is it present in industrialized nations and not in developing nations?
2). What is the influence of individualism versus collectivism on the conceptualization of adulthood?
3). Comment on the similarities and differences in Nelson et al's (2004) surveys with Chinese and North American samples.

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1. As you recognize traits of Emerging Adulthood, you might notice that it is marked by transitions from adolescence to adulthood. Please note that it typically occurs between 18 to 25 years of age. This group also tends to experiment and explore a lot socially and emotionally. You might note that Identity exploring as well as romantic and work-related self discovery is typical. This period is also marked by self-centeredness, instability, and other tendencies.

When looking at why this happens in developing countries rather than nondeveloping, you might mention how delays in marriages ...

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