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    Marriage in America is

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    Given the trends towards higher numbers of divorces and more children born out of wedlock since 1970, should the legal system make it more difficult for married couples to obtain a divorce, and harder for people to cohabit outside of marriage, especially when children are involved? What can the United States government do to strengthen families and marriages in American society? How can people change the culture to strengthen families and marriages?

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    Although the American legal system could impose stricter regulations and ramifications upon obtaining a divorce and restricting people to cohabit outside of marriage, especially when children are involved, I am more liberal in my own personal views and oppose those measures. Instead, I agree with the more progressive measures in countries like Finland and Sweden. I feel like the legal measures are too intrusive and restrict personal freedoms too heavily. Although I personally agree that marriage is important and view it as many critics do as " the bedrock of family and society, the framework within which individuals are nurtured and supported, providing a social ...

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    Marriage in America is evaluated in terms of governmental interventions. References are also embodied.