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Sexual Attitude and Behavior

Compare the similarities and differences of one sexual attitude and one sexual behavior in Pakistan and America. The cultural factors that influence those and how sexual attitudes and behaviors are perceived and displayed within each culture.

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In Pakistan, sexuality is considered a healthy part of married life; however, there are more adolescents that are becoming sexually active at a younger age and some are even forced into sexual relationships. According to legislation in Pakistan, sex outside of marriage (Zina Offence), is still subject to extreme legal and social controls for woman, in particular, which is punishable by death (1). This ordinance considers sex outside of marriage a crime against the state. If they are not punished by death, the family's reputation would be ruined and the girl's chances of getting married were ruined as well. Women are controlled by older men or husbands, and this is considered to be he social norm in Pakistan; whereas, men are just the ...

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Discusses the differences and the similarities of the sexual behavior and attitude in America and in Pakistan. It discusses the factors that can influence the way people perceive these attitudes and behaviors in various cultures.