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Prostrate Cancer

Prostate Cancer and Sex
Roberto Martinez

After reading the article about sexual complications from prostate cancer by Martinez (2005), post a note to Mr. Martinez specifying:

1) your personal reaction to the article and

2) what you learned most about sexual health as a result of reading his article.

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(1) Personal reaction to the article

My reaction to this article was that reading the article was an enlightening endeavor. I must admit that I did not enjoy the author's shocking "rawness" of how the author articulated the sexual events throughout the article]. Nevertheless, it was inspiring to understand how the prostatectomy changed the individual's view about more than just sex. For instance, initially, he appeared that he had enjoyed sex in a more erotic, frivolous, and uncaring manner, which could have led to his health problems. He recognized how to deal with the incompleteness of sexual arousal and ejaculation. For example, through ...

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This solution describes a reaction to a diagnosis of prostrate cancer. It examines the potential problems of sexual dysfunction associated with the diagnosis.