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Environmental Influence on the Body Plan of the Nepenthes Plant

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Describe how the environment influences the body plans of organisms (the Nepenthes Plant).

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The solution deals in-depth regarding the influence of environment on the body plan of insectivorous plant (Nepenthes). This solution is 681 words with one reference. Note: Please view the attachments for pics regarding insectivorous plants.

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All living organisms, be it a plant or an animal has a specific body plan which enables it to adapt itself to the surrounding environment. In a way, the environment is responsible for the development of a particular type of body plan among plants and animals.

For instance, we come across a special group of plants among angiosperms, which are known as hunter plants. They are specialized in trapping insects, and are well known as insectivorous plants. They usually grow in rain-washed, nutrient-poor soils, or wet and acidic soils. Such lands are acidic due to anaerobic conditions, resulting in partial decomposition of organic matter, thus release acidic compounds into the surroundings. As a result, the microorganisms necessary for complete decomposition of organic matter cannot survive in such poorly oxygenated conditions. Normal plants cannot survive in such nutrient poor habitats. But, the insectivorous plants successfully flourish in such places due to the fact that they supplement their photosynthetic food production by trapping insects and digest their bodies, which are rich in nitrogen. ...

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