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Same/Sex Marriage National Recognition Implications

I already wrote my essay and I would like to compare/contrast. I also could use you as my referance. Thank You.

What if...One State's Same-Sex Marriages Had to Be Recognized Nationwide?

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Same Sex Marriage: Nationwide Recognition?

The US Constitution gives provision to each of the States' own legal/public acts in that they are recognition and given credit. Marriage-wise, any legal union in one state is recognized in the rest of the Union. This then should follow - any same-sex marriage performed in a State that allows it should be recognized in another. The thing is, the reality of the social situation in the US is that same-sex marriage still remains 'taboo' in the most orthodox and conservative regions with culture, tradition and faith influencing the 'standard' idea of what a marriage should be like - between a man and a woman. This is also informed not only by sociology ...

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The solution is a 458/word essay that provides a discussion on the topic of state-sanctioned same/sex marriage in relation to the implications of a national recognition of said union.references are provided for further research. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.