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Title VII: Case Analysis of Future Class

Title VII is fluid; it has been adapted to include many protected classes. Make a case for who you think should be the next protected class. Please provide facts to support your case.

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Protected classes, in which job discrimination is prohibited under Title VII of Federal regulations, include race, color, religion, sex, national origin, equal pay for women, those age 40 or older, includes the American with Disabilities Act and genetic information (such as if an employer knows a prospective candidate has cancer, or high blood pressure and "assumes" they will ...

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This solution is over 250 words and provides an analysis of why sexual orientation should be a future protected class under Title VII of Federal job discrimination protection. The analysis cites how several states permit same-sex marriage and how same-sex couples may receive benefits and even make critical life decisions on behalf of each other. When Federal and State regulations conflict, confusion - and usually pressure, are the results.