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    Current Events: Analyze Three Articles on Same Sex Marriage

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    I need to locate at least three current events articles that address the same local or state government public policy issue on same sex marriage. The articles can be from daily newspapers, weekly news magazines, public policy journals, or business journals.

    Prepare a paper that analyzes the issues in the article regarding the issue of same sex marriage. To do this,I will need to include the following:

    1) A summary of the same sex marraige policy issue and the major political actors involved.
    2) Analyze the relationship of the state or local government to the American federal system with regard to this issue (Same sex marriage).
    3) Evaluate constitutional and other legal constraints related to the same sex marriage policy.
    4) Discuss how cultural attitudes toward politics are applied to this issue and how that impacts attempts to resolve it.

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1099 words with references.

    //Before writing about the Government Public Policy Issue on 'Same Sex Marriage', we will write about the meaning of 'same sex marriage'. Then, we will write about the same sex marriage policy issue and the major political actors involved in this issue. //

    Same-sex marriage (also named as homosexual marriage) is a governmental or social marriage among two individuals of the same gender. In news media and politics, same-sex marriage and gay marriage are the most commonly used terms.

    Same-sex marriage is considered immoral by the social conservatives. The major political actors involved in this issue were Paul Martin, Jean Pault, Stephen Harper, William Black, etc. Marriage services of Christian appellations define marriage as the union of a man and a woman, an explanation which was also scripted into United States federal law in 1996. So, the conservatives argue that the word "marriage" is an incorrect or unsuitable name, for same-sex marriage (Paben, 2008).

    //Above, we discussed about the issue of same sex marriage and the major political actors involved in this issue. On the basis of different articles, we will analyze the existence of this issue in the society and the steps taken by the Government regarding this issue. //

    Same- sex marriage does not protect the interest of gay couples; it rather destroys the institution of marriage. Most gays and lesbians do not want a lifetime commitment to one person to avoid entanglement in all sorts of legal restraints by marrying each other. So, the purpose is to destroy marriage completely. There are 65,000 adopted children in the U.S. Being raised by same-sex couples, as per the March 2007 report. Facts also state that about 14,100 foster kids are being nurtured by one or more gay or sapphic foster parents. Catholic leaders say that the agencies placing children with homosexuals are doing wrong and they will have to be ...

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    This solution fist discusses the meaning of 'same sex marriage'. Then, we write about the same sex marriage policy issue and the major political actors involved. This solution is 958 Words with six APA references.