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    Current Events for May 2011

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    Each student will be required to post 2 current events per week. In these postings, the student will write article synopses and overviews from a variety of newspapers and periodicals. At the end of the week the facilitator will review the postings. They are not graded on whether you agree with my opinion or not. Your individual opinions are not the subject of the postings; they are to spur outside reading as well as an awareness of current affairs. You are graded on the number and quality of postings. This does not mean that your entries are trivial.The current event should be about some government issues please.

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    Hello and Welcome to Brainmass! I have looked at two current issues dealing primarily with the the government. The first issue deals with the federal budget, especially Paul Ryan's budget proposal in the House of Representatives and the developments over the weekend. The second issue looks at the developments of gay marriage amendments in the state constitution of Minnesota - Minnesota Senate approving gay marriage ban referendum.

    Current Events Assignment

    First Issue - Republican Federal Budget

    After the midterm elections in November 2010, dozens of House Republicans were elected in hopes that they could control the over bloated budget by cutting spending. The federal government consistently has spent more money than it has collected in taxes. As a result, it has had to borrow to keep the government afloat.

    Congress has established a debt ceiling or debt limit for government borrowing. If the federal government wants to borrow more, it has to get congressional approval. If Congress doesn't give its approval by raising the debt limit, the federal government will default on bonds it has sold - a development that could cause a worldwide economic crisis. The current debt limit stands at $14.294 trillion. According to the Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, the government can hold on until August after which the government would face a default.

    The Senate is currently controlled by Democrats while the House of Representatives is controlled by the Republicans - as a result, no one can come up with a compromise that will work for both. Polls have consistently shown that voters do not want the debt ceiling raised anymore that it already is while the failure to raise the debt ceiling would mean a government default followed by an economic disaster.

    Republican leaders insist they are demanding ...

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    This is a currents event assignment. The student had to pick two current events of the week and write a synopsis about them according to the developments that transpired. I picked the Republican Federal Budget issue and the Minnesota Lawmakers Allows Vote on Gay-Marriage Ban issue. This solution is 1,189 words.