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    Ethics and Same Sex Marriage

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    Can you please help me decide how to compose this paper?
    The paper will be concerning one of the issues of this seminar: same sex marriage.

    The layout has to be as follows:
    1. Introductory paragraph.
    2. Summarize the theological voluntarist approach concerning same sex marriage.
    3. Summarize the non-objectivist approach concerning same sex marriage.
    4. Summarize the moral realist approach concerning same sex marriage.
    5. In a final paragraph, state your solution to the problem in which you use one of the APPLIED theories (such as Kantian or Utilitarian ethics) to show that your solution is ethically sound. Explain why you have chosen this approach, based on evidence and critical thinking.

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    Hi there! Thanks for the opportunity to help you; I hope this does so.

    The first thing necessary to a good paper is understanding the target audience and response; this is an argumentative paper. That means the paper has to present something logically, but also emotionally and credibly in a measured manner. For this reason, you might want to consider not just logical reasons, but anecdotal evidence as well (even if this is made up, but reasonable, to fit your points). I will set a list of sites with arguments and counter-arguments to your position below. The key is picking not what is "objectively best," as if the content alone is what makes the argument effective. The key is picking the reasons you yourself feel you can argue the best, and the counter that you yourself feel is the strongest one you can dismantle.

    Please do notice that your prompt specifically ...

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    The ethics and same sex marriages are examined.