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    Gay Marriages: Polarising Issue

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    Discussing a Polarising issue: Same Sex Marriages

    Provide a discussion/analysis of a particular social polarising issue.

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    Dividing Issue: same-sex marriages

    Marriage as an Institution

    Traditionally, religion had looked to the institution of marriage as a vanguard in protecting society according to the notions of faith. There are varying opinions and principles with regards to marriages according to faith but they remain very traditional and similar in a sense that marriage is that union of the sexes sanctioned by 'God' - a man and a woman married in holy matrimony to act and take on the burden of raising children, creating a family and becoming that very institution that is society's building block - the family. How do we traditionally define marriage then? As such, marriage is seen as a social, religious, spiritual and legal union of individuals. Known also as matrimony, the ceremony itself is referred to as a wedding which afterwards changes the status of the individuals into 'Married' or being in'wedlock'. Marriage as an interpersonal institution (intimate and sexual in nature) is acknowledged by State and Church and society as a whole, hence the ceremonies must be done according to what tradition dictates via Religious ceremonies and legal proceedings. Viewed as a contract between 2 people, civil marriage is the legal expression of said union as a governmental institution following the marriage laws of the nation/state/jurisdiction. Once recognized, the individuals who are 'married' are treated as a singular unit, changing their status in society.

    Defining Same Sex Marriages

    With the institution of marriage dating back to Antiquity, with the roles of 'husbands' and 'wives' clearly defined in cultures and nations throughout the world especially in ...

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