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    Opposition Evaluation: Same-Sex Marriage

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    Select a contemporary issue that has polarizing viewpoints, such as environmental policy, taxation and income redistribution, same-sex marriage, worker's rights, immigration, and so forth.

    Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper, describing how politically powerful factions compete in policy decisions and debate issues. You could examine environmentalists versus big business or alternate energy sources versus more oil drilling.

    Provide your assessment of whether or not the opposition you described has contributed to a healthy debate. Consider the following questions:

    o Has the opposition moved toward consensus or polarization in public opinion?
    o Are either or both leaving the national interest aside in favor of their own?
    o What is your conclusion about the best answer to the issue?

    Evaluate theoretical perspectives, such as pluralism, state autonomy, or elitism, and explain factionalism in support of and opposition to your issue.

    Format your paper according to APA standards.

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    Dear Student,
    Hello and thank you for using Brainmass. The solution below is based on several articles I have written on the topic of same-sex marriage which I find to be among the more polarising issues current in American society. If you feel the need to expand on the information provided, I advise that you use the listed references. Good luck!

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Same Sex Marriage - Polarising Society?

    If you were to be asked regarding your opinion on the acceptability and legality of same-sex marriage, what would be your answer? It could be yes or no or an unsure stand. All this depends on one's socialization, shared culture, philosophy, experience and beliefs. America is a society that is diverse and multicultural, progressive but at the same time conservative. While cities like Los Angeles and New York embrace postmodern attitudes, in conservative and orthodox cities and towns in New England, in the Midwest and in the South, Anglo-Christian morality still inform choices and lifestyle. It is important to remember that while all Americans share in the American Identity, their own unique environments, social grouping and sub-culture enforce as well as affirm their own personal and group identities and included in this are their views of what social structures, practices and traditions are acceptable and standard. Which brings us to the idea of what marriage is about. It is, traditionally, the legal and 'spiritual' union of a man and a woman through traditional rites that 'bind' a couple to partake in the social practice of living as man and wife and raising a family, becoming a social unit in the process. Sociologically speaking, to 'identify' attributes of social agents (human beings - man & woman, girls and boys) and come to an understanding of the roles they play and the manner that they behave, social constructs are used to 'label' certain attributes that indicate a 'type'. Sex, gender, ethnicity, age, social class - they are among the most common. One then will come to question what the difference is between sex and gender. Sex is the biological natural attribute of a human being according to the sex organs and chromosomes he/she is endowed from birth. Girls are born with the female chromosomes and the female sex organ. Boys are born with the male chromosomes and the male sex organ. By nature human beings are either female or male (with the exception of the biological phenomenon of hermaphrodites - human beings born with both the male & female organs). Gender on the other hand is a socio-psychological term determined by socialization (nurture), biological and psychological factors. In America sex and gender defined traditionally determine who, according to society can get married. In very traditional and conservative cities and towns - marriage can only be between a man and a woman. Which brings us to the great debate ...

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    The solution is a sample opposition evaluation paper written in APA format on the topic of the highly polarising same-sex marriage debate. The extensive paper lists references and uses descriptive statistics to present claims. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing, References are also listed for expansion.