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A Discussion on Same-Sex Couples

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What are your views on same-sex couples?

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A Discussion on Same-Sex Couples

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Few would argue that people meet and fall in love every day, and for the most part, people are free to date and marry the person of their choice. However, this is not always the case when it comes to same-sex couples. They are constantly discriminated against simply because they are a couple of the same gender. And this is not equality for all men as stated in the United States Constitution. Lawmakers argue back and forth as to the true meaning of the Constitution and request the Supreme Court to decide on its interpretation. Unfortunately the process is lengthy and will probably not be resolved for years. As well, special interest groups, in particular religious groups, are interfering with same-sex couples and their happiness by spreading the evils of homosexuality as they interpret it through Scripture. They lobby Congress and influence their vote when they should not interfere with this decision as it crosses the line of separation of church and state. This also leaves couples of the same sex to be confused and hurt when it comes to their religious beliefs, their acceptance in society, and their rights to the same marriage benefits as heterosexual couples enjoy by law. Clearly, same-sex couples should be treated like everyone else when it comes to marriage and be afforded the benefits that go along with it.

In the United States, heterosexual couples are free to ...

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