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    Argumentative Writing

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    Topic: Should homosexuals be able to marry?

    Include the following:

    1. Thesis - Identify a specific claim relative to the topic you chose and defend it with as strong an argument as possible. The best way to develop a thesis statement is to offer an answer to the question, and then state in a clear and specific sentence the basis for your answer.

    2. Argument - The focus should be on identifying the strongest support for the thesis. Then, present that support by constructing an argument. This argument, or set of arguments, will probably employ both deductive and inductive reasoning.

    3. Counter-thesis and counter-argument - In this part of the paper, the strongest objection to the thesis is presented along with an argument (probably briefer than the argument in 2) for that thesis.

    4. Response to counter-thesis - In this part of the paper, you respond to and refute the counter-argument based on evidence discussed in 3. This response will draw on the earlier argument in 2 to show that the original thesis can be defended against this objection.

    5. Conclusion - Must end with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis.

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    I can provide the basis of the argument in favor pretty easily, also death penalty and morality and religion. I am including in this post the information at the root of an argument in favor of expanding our usual concept of marriage. Please find advice below and a sample paper answering the requirements attached.

    In this instance your thesis would be: The ...

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