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Na atom and configuration

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Consider the Na atom. Although the ground state of Na atom has one and only one corresponding electron configuration, other electron configurations are certainly possible for Na atom; they correspond to higher-lying excited electronic states. The table below gives some of the possible electron configurations, term symbols, and energies (in cm^-1) of various states of Na atom. Include J in all term symbols asked for below.

(a) What term symbol(s) arise from the [Ne] 3p configuration?
(b) What term symbols arise from the [Ne] 3d configuration?
(c) Using the atomic spectroscopy selection rules, list all possible transitions from state(s) arising from the [Ne] 3p configuration upwards to the state(s) arising from the [Ne] 3d configuration. Using the table, give the energy (in cm-1) and wavelength of absorbed light (in nm) for each transition.

From this example you can see that tables such as the one above allow one to predict/explain atomic spectra.

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