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    The socialization of Children

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    The role of the parent in the socialization of children is complex and highly debatable. Often, the role of the parent is viewed from the perspective of the child. In general, there are three perspectives with regard to the socialization of children.

    Some view children born with little self-control or conscious. In this view, the socializing of children them means forcing them to embrace the culture's accepted ways of behaving.
    A contrasting view emphasizes the innocence of children but sees socialization as the process by which we expose the child to tough realities of human life.
    A final perspective sees the newborn child as a 'blank slate,' ready to be shaped and molded through rewards and punishment.
    In a one to two page paper, discuss your views about the socialization of children. Consider the perspectives described above as you respond to the following:

    How would parenting styles differ under the framework of each of the perspectives described above?
    Give one or two examples of how and/or what parents would expose their children to in order to socialize them according to each of the perspectives.
    Which of the sociological perspectives is most closely aligned with each of the socialization perspectives described above?
    Which of the above is most prevalent in our society? Explain.
    Which of the above is closest to your own view? Why?

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